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Hi! My name is Tània Llensa, I'm 24 and I live in Catalonia. My photography type is... everything that needs to be captured or created by my soul, so summarizing, here you will find from concerts to conceptual and author photography, crossing fake blood tears and golden fields and spring flowers.

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A camera became my third eye when I was 12 years old. Since then I haven't stopped searching for new knowledge and ways to experiment with photography.

At 13 I took my first photography workshop where I learned the basic technique and discovered some photographic references. Then I chose Artistic Baccalaureate because of the Image subject and the next year I started the Upper Grade Cycle at Escola d'Art d'Olot that I disliked it so much that I left, passing through an entire year of feeling lost; knowing that what I wanted to study was clearly photography but not knowing where to go, until I discovered a little from the outside but the biggest on the inside school called Multifotos, in Girona, where I already have finalised my professional studies but where I still go recurringly for its endless workshop offers.

Aside from photography, I am also deeply in love with music, literature, nature and animals, so you will find a lot of inspiration in my work from my favourite musicians and from books, and I will also be selling merchandise and donating the profits to humanitarian and animalist causes on a recurring basis.


Besides author photography, I have covered many concerts for Fotoconciertos.com until its closure, and I have also collaborated with Manners Of Hate twice.

Centre Pere Planas trusted me for its inauguration and Stratup Grind Barcelona gave me my first opportunity of knowing how to have a recurrent income from your passion is.

My commercial activity has been paused since the begginig of the current pandemic, but now I feel is the moment to start working again, -I need it emotionally and financially- of course taking all safety measures.

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Get in touch with me using my contact form, or send me a message to info@desataraxiaphotography.com .

I have got flexible rates and special prices for ethical brands and projects.

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