About Me

Hi! My name is Tània Llensa, I'm 23 and I live in Catalonia. My photography type is... everything that needs to be captured or created by my soul, so summarizing, here you will find from concerts to conceptual and author photography, crossing fake blood tears and golden fields and spring flowers.

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Aside from photography, I am also deeply in love with music, literature, nature and animals, so you will find a lot of inspiration in my work from my favourite musicians and from books, and I will also be selling merchandise and donating the profits to humanitarian and animalist causes on a recurring basis.


I will not say I'm a master in anything. But I will affirm that every time a type of photography makes me feel afraid, I throw myself headlong into the pool, so I can confirm I am a very versatile photographer. Just check it by taking a look into my galleries.

Concerts, conferences, parties, artistic, analog...

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Get in touch with me using my contact form, I will be so happy to know someone is interested in my work. Do not be afraid, we will talk about rates and everything calmly.

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